Every book in the Mercanthian Story has an organization attached to it that is working on an issue raised within that book’s pages here in our own world, and 10% of the profits from each book go to its affiliated cause.

Click on a cause below to learn more about the organization, how it seeks to combat the issue it has taken on, and how you can help them in their efforts.

Alston Wingtail, Deliverer - Keeping Families Together - Abide Family Center

Abide Family Center believes that children belong in families.
To that end, they EMPOWER vulnerable families to keep their kids at home and out of orphanages by providing such services as: case management & counseling, small business development, parenting classes, child development, emergency housing, and follow-up services for up to two years.


Radiya, the Unredeemed - Sexual Slavery - Love146

Love146's vision is the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation, and love is the foundation of their motivation.
Love146 is helping to grow the movement to end child trafficking while providing holistic care for survivors and training for youth and professionals on how to recognize, prevent, and respond to the trafficking and exploitation of children.