These are the books that make up the larger Story of the land and its people. Each of them, excepting the final two, is an independent tale, entirely unique to itself, and all will color in what came before and hint at what comes after.

Though sparse now, letters will be added to this Table over time, unveiling the names of books as we near their release. In that way, the order of release can be told in how nigh a title is to being finished.

INTRODUCTION & MAP   (# of Release)


2.            F

3. FI    HT


5.        N     ER           T     EV

6. RISE OF THE TIGERCLOUDS   (coming in 2018!)  

7.    A         TA            F      H         E      TO

8. W              ID    R


10.             H


12. A                   T           N           THE

13. AN      M     ROS          E

14.     E                I

15. A         M     B              D    H    M              A

16. N              OF THE F   R         N RA


18.       S

19.        E


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