In this particular book, I would like to tell you the story of Alston Wingtail of Cotya, in the East, beyond the Long Water. In these pages, we will follow along with every spin of the wheel as he makes the most important run of his life, a journey of both providence and courage. We will set off with him as it begins, at the behest of the King, when he must leave behind those he loves most at a most inopportune time; we will meet those friends along the way,
some old and some new, that aid him in his travel; and, at the turn of his path, we will learn how his name gained acclaim in the distant North, where those who know of him refer to him simply by his station in life.

So, if you would allow me and, yes, even join with me, I would like to tell you the story of Alston Wingtail, Deliverer.


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